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Advanced Trees and Shrubs

We specialise in a vast range of Australia’s most popular landscaping trees, shrubs and screens including - deciduous, evergreen, specimen and natives trees and shrubs to give your garden that matured, lived-in quality. Your friends and family will think you've been gardening for years!

A Tree For Thought.

Here at Gehls Garden Centre we have a large range of advanced ornamental and fruiting trees whether you are after a broad shape to provide maximum shade for your garden or an upright style to line a drive way. There is multiple leaf shapes and a variety of foliage colours to choose from weather you just like an original green or foliage with a flicker of silver. Being ornamental all the trees foliage will flourish with beautiful colours of yellow through to deep reds and purples throughout autum before dropping off in winter. All our advanced trees will put of a beautiful show individually with some having multiple small white, pink, purple or even red blossoms that will cover the tree throughout spring into summer and then there are some that have large gorgeous individual flower ranging in many colours.

Choosing to plant an advance tree will give you many benifits from having a solid root ball that is ready to spread once planted which will also increase the trees canopy structure allowing it to grow rapidly which is perfect for the people that like an instant garden. 

Planting advanced trees will also give you the quicker coverage of blocking out noisy neighbours or the individual that likes to walk past and sticky beak into your yard.

Starting with advanced fruit trees also has benifets of reciveving a larger crop on your first season without you having to put in much effort.

With all trees whether they be advaned or smaller they all need a good amount of water and fertilization at the right time of year. It is important to never let your advanced trees dry out as they will really struggle especially in the warmer months. It is also very important to stake any size tree you put in to allow it to stablise properly especailly if it is planting in a high winds area which will also help stop any problems with erosion. 


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